Health Education for Secondary Teachers
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Carol C. Mackessy

Class Meetings:
Tuesday Evenings:  1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5 and 2/12
5:00 – 8:00 pm

Course Description and Objectives:
This course is designed for pre-service secondary teachers in accordance with the California Health Framework to: 
•    Acquaint prospective teachers with the health literacy expectations for middle and high school students.
•    Make prospective teachers aware of the structure of a comprehensive school health system.
•    Teach prospective teachers how to integrate health instruction into their single-subject curriculum.
•    Provide information and resources to prospective teachers regarding the health problems and concerns of adolescents, including such topics as teenage pregnancy, acne, sexually transmitted diseases, steroids, substance abuse, abusive relationships, gang prevention, mental health, injury prevention, life-long fitness, and nutrition.
•    Emphasize the relationship between health and student performance.
•    Advise prospective teachers of the laws regarding the education, health and protection of adolescents.

Course Requirements and Assignments:
Attendance and class participation is required for all six sessions due to the intensive nature of this course.  A student may miss no more than one class, and an alternative assignment will be given.  All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due, unless otherwise stated.  Discussing assignments is important for class participation.  Therefore, late work will only receive 50%.  No work will be accepted after the final meeting.

Note the following due dates:
1) Completion of Health Framework survey and correlation with single-subject content standards – 1/15
2) Creation of a health resource list for students and educators – 1/13 (by e-mail)
3) Evaluation of one piece of health-related educational material – 1/22
4) Completion of grant proposal for classroom materials that support subject matter as well as health education standards – 1/29
5) Presentation of a course-specific lesson plan that includes imbedded health education standards – 2/5
6) Completion and presentation of case a study – 2/12

Course Readings:
Health Framework for California Public Schools Kindergarten through Grade Twelve (2003)
Various materials provided in class and on the web site.

Class Activities:
Week 1
Overview of Framework and Content Standards
1)    Find 5 areas of correlation between your subject matter standards and Health content standards.  Attach your content standards and correlation notes to the Survey.  Be prepared to share your best correlation with the class.  Due Week 2.
2)    Compile a list of at least 5 valid health resources for students and educators.  E-mail the list to the instructor by Sunday night prior to Week 2.  A compilation of participants’ resources will be provided to you.

Week 2
Discuss content standard correlations.
Disseminate and discuss resource list.
Overview of Teen Health Literacy - Part 1
Homework Due Week 3: 
Evaluation of health education materials. Bring a copy for the instructor and each participant.

Week 3
Presentation of evaluations.
Overview of Teen Health Literacy - Part 2
Homework Due Week 4: 
Write a grant proposal.  Bring a copy for the instructor and each participant.

Week 4
Share grant proposals.
Overview of Teen Health Literacy - Part 3
Homework Due Week 5: 
Prepare a lesson plan.  Bring a copy for the instructor and each participant.

Week 5
Presentation of lesson plans.
Legal Responsibilities of Educators
Homework Due Week 6: 
Prepare a case study.  Bring a copy for the instructor and each participant.

Week 6
Presentation of case studies
Course critique.

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